Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls Trump ‘Saudi Arabia’s B*tch,’ Instantly Made To Regret It

Representative Tulsi Gabbard decided to score points against President Donald Trump by calling him “Saudi Arabia’s b*tch.” It’s pure grandstanding by the Hawaiian Congresswoman, who has been hinting at a presidential run in 2020. But, it was a huge mistake. Immediately after Gabbard made her statement, she was made to regret it. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump (left), Rep.Tulsi Gabbard (right) (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Tulsi Gabbard is trying to raise her status nationwide. The 37-year-old Hindu Congresswoman has her sights set on a presidential run. That news broke just a few days ago. On Friday, at a Medtronic conference in Los Angeles, an eminent Indian-American, Dr. Sampat Shivangi, introduced Gabbard and said she could be the next President of the United States in 2020, reported the India Tribune.

According to reports Gabbard has been quietly reaching out to Indian donors, even though she is not an Indian-American. She was born in American Samoa to a Catholic father (Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard), and her mother, Carol Porter Gabbard, is of Caucasian descent and professes Hinduism, as does Tulsi Gabbard.

So, looking for a way to grab national headlines, the Hawaiian Representative made what looks like a hasty move by attacking President Trump on social media, tweeting, “Hey @realdonaldtrump: being Saudi Arabia’s b*tch is not ‘America First.'” That’s when Gabbard got utterly destroyed.

Obviously, Gabbard is jumping on the “trash Trump” bandwagon over the murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October. The president is getting hammered by the mainstream media and the Democrats for not starting a war with the Saudis.

But, the truth is this is a very complicated situation, and in fact, the president has been completely transparent about America’s alliance with the Saudis, who are against the Iranian regime and have been vital to keeping them in line in the Middle East.

Trump’s statement said, “Representatives of Saudi Arabia say that Jamal Khashoggi was an ‘enemy of the state’ and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but my decision is in no way based on that – this is an unacceptable and horrible crime.”

So, Trump denounced the murder, and he also placed sanctions on 17 Saudis allegedly involved in the murder, reported the New York Times. But, what is so ironic is Tulsi Gabbard, of all people, calling the president “Saudi Arabia’s b*tch,” considering her long history of giving support to Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad.

That’s right. Gabbard is a huge fan of Assad, and she is on the record defending the vicious dictator. The Congresswoman even went so far as to visit him in Syria without the government’s consent. America does not recognize Bashar al-Assad as Syria’s legitimate president, but Gabbard didn’t care. She sees anyone fighting against Assad as a “terrorist.”

Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, weighed in on Gabbard’s trip, saying, “What she’s saying is, ‘This is a legitimate president, everyone he’s fighting is a terrorist, and we should empower him to continue to kill his own people.'”

That’s why Gabbard got a taste of her own medicine in response to her calling Trump “a b*tch.” Twitter user “the Horse Pundit” responded to Gabbard by posting a picture of Bashar al-Assad and saying, “What was that? Speak up.”

Then, Scott Bixby sent the Congresswoman a little reminder, tweeting, “After the election, Rep. Gabbard visited Trump Tower to defend Bashar al-Assad to the president-elect,” and he added a link to an article titled, “Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Trump Tower to Defend Assad.”

Gabbard got over 3,600 responses to her tweet and many of them relayed this message: “You met with Assad. Your opinion on dictators is invalid.” Others advised the Congresswoman that she should “just sit this one out.” Gabbard got the attention she was craving, except it is the wrong kind of attention, to say the least.

Lastly, the mainstream media is denying Khashoggi was ever a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a lie. Breitbart reporter John Hayward did an extensive report detailing The Washington Post’s journalist’s long history of his direct involvement with the Brotherhood.

Khashoggi indisputably was a Brotherhood member and a lifelong proponent of its Islamist ideals. That doesn’t make his murder in any way right, but it also doesn’t help when the leftist media calls our president a liar.

Tulsi Gabbard got utterly destroyed in her first attempt to get national attention. Maybe the Democratic Congresswoman will do some soul-searching and realize that attacking the Commander-in-Chief, who is doing everything he can to keep America safe, is something patriotic Americans will never condone.

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