As Huge Migrant Caravan Approaches, DNC Chairman Issues Chilling Demand For Trump

While speaking with CNN, DNC Chairman Tom Perez discussed the massive migrant caravan moving towards the United States. In a clumsy attempt to take a jab at President Donald Trump, the top Democrat issued a chilling demand. This is the official stance of the Democrats concerning the migrant crisis.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez embraced the migrant caravan, which has swelled to over 10,000. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN, ORLANDO ESTRADA/AFP/Getty Images)

Americans watch with horror as a massive caravan of migrants moves toward our border. This group, originating in Honduras, is made up of mostly young men. These migrants intend to simply enter the United States, demanding asylum.

They have no intention of following our immigration laws. It is nothing short of an invasion.

Donald Trump has issued a serious warning about this caravan. He vowed to strip funding from the nations that let them cross its borders. Honduras and other South American countries did nothing to stop this horde. Now, Mexico struggles with a feeble attempt to turn them away. Meanwhile, more people are added to this caravan — some clearly are cartel members and other criminals.

This crisis is entirely the left’s fault. Former President Barack Obama’s terrible immigration policy encourages illegal aliens to march into the country. Democrats refuse to support Trump in enforcing existing immigration laws. Liberal cities and states protect illegals with their sanctuary policies. And of course, Congress refuses to fund the border wall.

But it seems like the Democrats have a much bigger role in this caravan. President Trump has suggested that they were behind it — perhap organizing it themselves. Now, the leader of the Democratic National Committee has all but admitted they were behind it, with his comments on CNN.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez stated President Trump is using the migrant caravan as a distraction. He also discussed the Democratic Party’s message on the issue.

After Tapper pressed Perez on the Democrats’ message, Perez responded, “We are a nation of laws and the laws that are on the books deal with issues of refugee and asylum status, and those are the laws that have always applied. … It’s a humanitarian issue of significance, and our laws require that people be treated with dignity and given that process. But Donald Trump isn’t bringing this up for any reason other than to distract people. It’s his closing argument. When he’s in the biggest trouble, the biggest dog whistle he blows is the immigration dog whistle.” [Source: Breitbart]

Thanks to Obama’s terrible policy, migrants have incredible privilege when it comes to entering the United States. They can claim asylum by saying they fear for their lives. Clearly, this is what this massive caravan of migrants intends to do when it reaches the border.

But how did these residents of South American countries know they can do that? Perhaps they were told by liberal immigration activists?

Perez wants these migrants “processed” which would put a huge burden on our border and immigration system. It’s obvious he wants to overwhelm our government so that many of these migrants will slip through the cracks.

This was the plan all along. Immigration activists, spurred on by the left, encourage migrants to rush our border all the time. The large number of people will overwhelm our border agents; they won’t be able to turn them away.

Perez claims Donald Trump is trying to distract people with this caravan. But Trump is only pointing out the obvious. Migrants think they can march into our country, thanks to the terrible policies by the left. Thousands of strangers can invade our nation because Democrats like Perez need the voters.

The damage to our communities and economy will be incalculable. Our national security will be in shambles. But we won’t be able to stop it if Democrats continue to hold positions in government.

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